Friday, July 1, 2011


Sometimes they are set aside. At times, they are learned but never applied. Occasionally, they are utilized but outcomes are not appreciated.  Nursing theories, they are very useful to nurses' lives. Its impact goes beyond its description. Sometimes they are disregarded however, they are the foundations of nursing. Truly, the ones that are ignored are vital in man’s life.

One of the theories that influence our group is the theory of DOROTHEA ELIZABETH OREM and you will understand her theory as you go over our blog. This blog tackles about the evolution of her theory, the life of Orem, the major components of her theory, the three sub-theories, the key concepts, theory’s application in various fields of nursing  and how the theory affected our lives.

We, the N207 Group 7 from University of the Philippines Open University, hope that this blog will be an invaluable reference of all nurses as they journey the world of nursing.